Bias Free

One of the things that we think is vital when it comes to our service, is providing the very best solution available from the industry. Surprisingly, this is not always the case. Many IT companies build relationships with a single brand, they often use that relationship to market themselves, but being restricted to one brand is not necessarily beneficial to clients.

Like all industries, IT brands have strengths and weaknesses, rather than stick to a single brand that may not be a best fit for a given solution, we prefer to choose the best products regardless of brand and create solutions that provide the as good a service as possible. We don’t benefit from brand association this way, but we do offer genuine tailored solutions that are designed to meet your needs, not the equipment we have available. We think our way works better.

Because we never sign contracts with specific brands, we are free to recommend the best product, every time, even if a best solution comes from using more than one brand together, then that is what we will recommend.
Being brand agnostic in this manner ensures that as our client, you always know we are working for your best interest, not a business partner, our advice is unbiased and our designs based upon the best solution available, not what a specific brand has to offer.
Whether it is infrastructure hardware, network devices or software, we will provide the best option available regardless of brand. We continually evaluate new products to ensure that what we think is the best really is, and our clients reap the benefits.