Jaalx Support

In today’s competitive markets, being able to keep control of costs while meeting the ever growing expectations of service and support is one of the primary challenges of any client name IT infrastructure supplier. Our Easy Support system is designed from the ground up to meet and exceed your needs, while also ensuring simple cost control and service management.

By allowing us to take care of the daily requirements of your end users, Easy Support frees up your expertise for exploring new opportunities and expansion of your business, all backed up with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your end users have the support and expertise they need. The Easy Support utility allows remote managements and support of all devices, whether notebook or mobile.

It is vital for the success of any infrastructure investment that the system is operating to its full potential, this is especially true of Client Name IT as downtime or reduced performance has a significant cost. We completely understand this and our professional support service is geared for fast, accurate response that ensures end users receive the quality of support they expect at all times.

With priority response systems in place, our 24/7 helpdesk is designed to give world class support for your customers, with remote support capability to give fast, effective solutions. Our end user portal includes all the tools your customers need, with an online help desk, knowledgebase for self-help and full reporting and analysis data to ensure that you always have the complete picture.

With a full ITIL package to ensure your IT service management matches the expectation of customers, and a choice of onsite or remote support and monitoring services, the comprehensive capabilities of Easy Support can be matched perfectly to your requirements. This ability to match your needs is exactly why Easy Support is also supremely cost effective, a solution that is tailored to meet your requirements and exceed those of your customers.


Priority Response

Easy Support includes priority response for system failures and other issues that prevent use of the product. This is an essential component of any support system that needs to keep customers informed and involved in the response process when a service has failed, as this is the most important time to have full and responsive assistance available to end users.

With knowledgeable and informative staff on hand, and an effective system in place that leads customers through a significant failure towards a solution, not only is the response more efficient, there is less chance of further upsetting or inconveniencing an end user.

24/7 Helpdesk & Remote Support

End user problems do not always happen to a strict timetable, and so having 24/7 support is essential on today’s market. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available and can deal with problems in a professional and efficient manner. The focus is always on end user satisfaction and solving any problems or queries quickly and professionally.

In many cases, our remote support can fix issues for end users, providing a genuine hands free solution for your customers 24/7 for complete support satisfaction. This extra dimension of problem solving adds greatly to customer’s perceived value of the support service and adds significantly to end user satisfaction.

End User Portal

The End User Portal includes three aspects that ensure full and comprehensive support for customer end users is available 24/7.

  • Online Help Desk – Manned by knowledgeable and experienced customer service agents, the help desk with its remote support facility ensures all end user issues are dealt with in a friendly, satisfactory and timely manner.
  • Knowledgebase – Online knowledgebase for self-help or guidance for end users keeps important solutions or instructions available without requiring further input. The most efficient form of support for smaller issues.
  • Reports and Analysis – Allows you to keep track of types and volume of problems being addressed, responses and solutions implemented.

ITIL Package

The information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) package presents an international framework of best practice for the supply and operation of IT management and service quality. Our ITIL package is built around three distinct modules that aim to ensure best practice, performance and end user satisfaction at all times.• ITIL Problem Management – This is the process of analysing the root incident causes, and proactively dealing with problems to avoid recurrence of those issues and the impact that results. This is a far superior, more efficient and logical process than continued firefighting a recurring issue.

  • ITIL Problem Management – This is the process of analysing the root incident causes, and proactively dealing with problems to avoid recurrence of those issues and the impact that results. This is a far superior, more efficient and logical process than continued firefighting a recurring issue.
  • ITIL Change Management – This is the best practice process for implementing effective change to the organisation while minimising the risk to the service itself as well as the overall business.
  • ITIL CMDB – CMDB stands for the Configuration Management Data Base, and this is the stored information that relates to the whole information system and each component within it. Network assets, software products and catalogue items are all documented here, both regarding individual items and the relationships between items. This allows robust and accurate tracking of configuration changes throughout the system and faster response to problems.

Remote Software Installation/Maintenance

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can, through our remote management tool, install and maintain software for end users. Through the Easy Support utility our experts can deal with issues being experienced by end users in installing, updating or other maintenance on software installed on their device.

Saving time and money by performing these tasks in situ rather than requiring an IT professional to attend the end user in person, or having further support issues by needing an inexperienced end user to attempt the process themselves is of long term benefit to the cohesion of any network infrastructure.

Onsite Desktop PC support/Maintenance

Onsite support for desktop PCs provides a vital service for those that prefer not to deal with remote solutions or where hardware issues need attending. Software and hardware installation and maintenance is carried out at the end users location and again provides expert, friendly staff that deal with all issues quickly and efficiently.

Onsite Server Support/Maintenance

Hardware and software maintenance, upgrades and installation are a vital part of the operation of any server. Our onsite service ensures that trained professionals deal with all aspects of server maintenance in an efficient and unobtrusive manner to keep the integrity of the network secure during any process. Fast, reliable and highly skilled, our engineers deal with all maintenance efficiently.

24/7 Remote Server Monitoring

Using our monitoring utility, we constantly monitor the performance and availability of the server, and any problems that arise are noted immediately. In most cases, problems are fixed before end users are even aware of the problem. This full monitoring service brings peace of mind to any network installation and enhances server reliability.

Proactive Server Maintenance

This is a low cost, efficient way of ensuring the monitoring and maintenance of your server installations. By maintaining a program of checks and inspections on servers, any developing problems can be discovered and solved before they have an effect on server stability and performance. For many smaller operations, this kind of server maintenance is ideal and cost effective.