Jaalx Backup

Data integrity and protection has become essential to the viability of any organisation today, more and more the data we store is the value in our businesses, and as such keeping secure, accurate backups is vital for any network. The commercial requirements for adequate backups are becoming more important as time moves on. As our reliance on electronic storage for business operation increases, so our vulnerability to data loss increases, for many it is only when disaster occurs that they realise that systems need to be put in place. Our Jaalx Backup system provides comprehensive and secure 24/7 backup of your servers for complete data control, cost effective and reliable, to implement before disaster strikes not after.

Our service backs up all data to our secure Jaalx Data Centre, providing the off-site data storage that you need easily and efficiently. For additional data security and faster recovery, we also offer backup to an additional secondary server, which acts as a stand by for data retrieval and recovery should problems arise. This stand by backup can be used for a variety of equipment, from servers to workstations, providing the ultimate in business continuity.

Our Jaalx Backup service provides complete disaster recovery and our assessment of your business requirement includes a comprehensive business continuity plan tailored to your needs. Before implementation, the continuity plan is fully tested to ensure adequate redundancy and data integrity.
Our tailored solution provides a cost effective answer to your data handling needs, from off-site backups to fully integrated hot stand by backup systems, all with the peace of mind of a fully tested and secure system designed for you by professionals. This modular approach provides not just the solution that best fits your circumstances, but also ensures the best value as well. Cost efficiency is also an important aspect of any data management solution, and Jaalx Backup scales to your data requirements and budget.


Backup Monitoring

Having a backup system in place is vital in today’s digital world, but no matter how comprehensive the solution, it is only as good as the actual backups themselves. To ensure that backups are successfully completed, accurate and secure, monitoring the status of all backup procedures and data storage is an essential component.

With adequate backup monitoring in place, you can have full confidence in the integrity of the backups, know precisely when backups were taken and what has been backed up at any given moment. Our system of monitoring provides easy to access, comprehensive and clear details on the backup process whenever required to ensure peace of mind and safe, secure data.

Offsite Backup Service

To ensure complete data integrity and worst case disaster recovery, offsite backup provides the ultimate solution. Our offsite backup service is designed to offer secure, comprehensive and cost efficient backup of your data to our enterprise level Jaalx data centre.

By storing your data at a second location, your backups are secure from any location specific issues such as fire or flood that could affect your business, providing true independent data security at all times. Separating backups from your primary location is now an essential component of your data storage solution, and Jaalxbackup offers this in a secure, easy to implement solution.

Backups can be scheduled and monitored, ensuring that the integrity of the backup is always assured, whilst all transfers are carried out securely and safely to our fully equipped Jaalx data centre for absolute data security.

Backup (Secondary) Server (off Site 24×7 Hot Stand By)

In addition to the backup to our easy data centre, Easy Backup allows you to optionally include a secondary server to act as backup at an additional offsite location, acting as a hot stand by. This allows fast data recovery should your server suffer a failure. This reduces recovery time significantly and allowing for the retention of business continuity if server loss does happen.

For time sensitive organizations this can be an essential option to take and provides an even more secure backup solution for any business, minimising any potential downtime for the network.

Backup Workstations Hot Standby

Having data backed up and stored is not a novel idea any more, the majority of businesses have some sort of solution for data backups in place, such as our easy offsite backup solution. But what about the hardware?

Our workstation backup solution provides hot standby equipment to allow a quick return should workstations fail for any reason. The ability to swap out hardware quickly is not something that many businesses consider until they suffer their first hardware failure, our hot standby system ensures that the problem is solved before you experience it.

Backup Network Equipment Hot Standby

Maintaining the integrity of the network itself is of paramount importance to any business, the ability to access and receive data of all kinds is what modern business is built upon. With that in mind, it pays to thin of the vulnerable position a business is actually in, if they have no system in place to compensate for major network equipment failing.

Our hot standby solution provides replacement network hardware quickly in the event of a failure, ensuring your network is back up and running smoothly and with as little delay as possible. This provides improved business continuity and is essential for time sensitive operations.

Backup (Secondary) Email Service

As more and more business communication shifts to email, having redundancy built into your email service becomes an essential component of your data management solution. By using our Easy Backup secondary email service, you never have to worry about losing an email again. If your main email server suffers an outage, the secondary server receives and forwards all emails sent during that downtime, all automatically.

Emails today can be extremely valuable, it is well worthwhile ensuring you receive all of yours, this secondary backup email service brings peace of mind, and prevents customers and contacts getting mail returned to them should a problem arise with your email service.