web security

There is a significant threat presented by all connections to the internet, and having adequate security for all your network external connections should form a core part of any security strategy for any business.

There are several aspects to network protection when it comes to connections between the network and the web, the first is filtering. Our filtering system allows you to control the connections made from within your network, it includes customizable location-aware policies through multiple content categories to allow you to set up set up multiple block or allow lists for both inside and outside your network. This software based solution allows rules to be set per individual user, group, per device or IP address to ensure the maximum flexibility.

The second aspect is monitoring, providing a comprehensive breakdown of the connections made by each device and software application on your network. You can quickly spot undesirable use of the internet and what devices are being used.

With our acclaimed 24/7 support to back it up, our web security service is comprehensive and unobtrusive, providing cost efficient protection for your whole system.