network security

There are several elements to network security, but it is the most obvious option when discussion of IT security is mentioned. A successful network security solution need to be all encompassing, designed to monitor and protect the network from the various risks it faces. At Easy IT we take network protection as seriously as you, our highly skilled team can analyse your network for risks and vulnerabilities and produce a solution that accomplishes the goals you need, that of a safe, reliable and secure network, in a cost efficient but above all highly effective manner.

This holistic approach ensures that from its implementation, your network security solution from Easy IT is protecting your vital infrastructure and data fully, with ongoing monitoring and our acclaimed 24/7 support structure all in place to ensure smooth adoption and ongoing usage.
That 24/7 support is not an afterthought, as it can be sometimes, we recognise that the only successful security solution is one that is used, which is why we see our support system as an integral and vital component of that network security solution.

with this total solution approach, network security is significantly increased, our service includes three main elements of protection

Network Monitoring – Providing a complete monitoring solution for your network to ensure that possible security breaches are identified quickly and efficiently dealt with before exposure. Monitoring of network traffic is comprehensive, and is inclusive of all inbound, outbound and internal data transfer, analysed on the fly to provide true network status at any time.
Our network monitoring tools are easy to use yet provide comprehensive protection, with on-the-fly analysis providing a constant, up-to-date picture of the network status. This includes possibly unwanted connections both inbound and outbound, traffic routing efficiency and traffic volume, with anomalies in any of these positions highlighted immediately for further attention.
Full reporting is in place to identify all connections at any given point in time, with undesirable connections quickly highlighted, and all devices using the network readily identifiable, all designed to provide a comprehensive oversight of how the network is running and what it is being used for.
Our team of IT professionals provide complete, 24/7 support for this service just as all others, ensuring that the system is always operating efficiently and effectively for the safe operation of your network. Any user issues can be quickly resolved, and our friendly, knowledgeable support team ensures that contacting IT support is not the dreaded proposition it has become known for.

DDoS Protection – The distributed denial of service attack, better known as DDoS, is one of the more common issues your system can face. A malicious attack using any of the DDoS methods available is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. Not only that, but they are increasing in sophistication too, requiring a robust and effective solution to secure your system.
Our DDoS protection solution has been designed with the latest data available to ensure it is ready to face the problems as they exist right now, rather than a year ago. Most DDoS attacks are targeted at the transport layer of a communications system, and that is either the TCP or UDP protocol, which hosts on a network use to communicate with each other. The attack floods this layer, overwhelming the targets resources, both bandwidth and CPU/Memory capacity, effectively taking the target offline. Our system can effectively stop such an attack in its tracks, ensuring service continuity and fast, effective response to any situation. Our system can also cope with the growing trend of reflection based attacks through our cloud based system, this growing trend of attacks cannot be mitigated by more traditional onsite methods and for this reason this kind of attack has been used in growing numbers.

Intrusion Detection System – While being able to tackle and defeat intrusions of various kinds, that is the reactive approach, is an essential component of network security, spotting intrusions as they happen, a proactive approach, is just as important a component in a complete network protection system.
Our Intrusion detection system monitors all traffic flow and connections to identify possible malicious targets as they appear. There are several methods of ensuring adequate monitoring, and we are able to make use of all. Anomaly based detection, while effective, has proved too slow to react for modern architecture, and has largely been replaced. As with most of the industry, we focus on signature based detection systems in one of three forms.
HIDS, or host based intrusion detection systems, collect data via endpoint security management systems. NIDS, or network based intrusion detection systems collect data through anomaly detection systems. Finally, AIDS, or Application-based intrusion detection systems collect data by integrating a Web application firewall with dynamic application security testing systems.
Our Application based intrusion system is the most effective method of detection available, constantly monitoring for signs of attacks and is especially effective for network attacks that can prove devastating if not countered effectively.