email security

Email has quickly become the most common means of communication within the business environment, both internally across the network and externally outside it. As such, it presents the most numerous opportunity for a system to be compromised, making effective email security an incredibly important aspect of any business operating today.

Effective control of both incoming and outgoing mail is essential to a secure system, and our Email security service focusses on all types of vulnerabilities to provide complete peace of mind. Our system takes advantage of message fingerprinting to compare all mail with our constantly updated database of known spam and malicious message sources and authenticity checks that analyse the header, encoding and other aspects of messages to ensure they are authentic.

In addition, the use of both white and black lists enable user and administration control over specific domains and recipients, while all outgoing email is also analysed to detect a hijack of the mail system or malicious attachments. The whole system is based around a heuristic rule set that continually updates, allowing the system to run on its extensive and detailed rule set, ensuring the best protection possible for your network.