IT Security

IT security is perhaps the number one challenge facing any business today, with ongoing threats to all aspects of an IT system a simple fact of life in our connected world. The internet has revolutionised the way and speed at which we communicate, our ability to send data and collaborate regardless of location and the way we carry out commerce, however, it also means that every aspect of modern business is vulnerable to malicious attack.

In this environment, having a viable and cost effective solution to protect your IT infrastructure and data from threat is imperative, our expertise in analysing and designing appropriate solutions for any system is second to none.

Covering all aspects of security, from network intrusion protection and DDOS style attacks, to network monitoring, web security and email protection, our expert analysis can create a security solution that covers your entire system, tailor made just for your organisation. Our specific antivirus solution in particular ensures complete, network wide protection rolled out from a central solution, in itself it can dramatically raise security in comparison to an ad-hoc per user method that may sometimes be implemented.

Creating a full, cohesive solution for IT security is only one side of appropriate security response of course, ongoing assessment of your system in relation to the current IT vulnerabilities is essential. In a world of ever changing risks, ensuring any response meets new risks as they appear should be a component of every IT security solution.


Our Security Consulting service offers a complete vulnerability and PCI assessment of your system, enabling comprehensive and clear reports identifying potential risk and the action required to minimise them. In tandem with this, our Penetration Testing provides ongoing data regarding the effectiveness of current security measures and the internal response of an attempt or breach.