Data Network

Effective data handling is the key to an agile, efficient organisation in today’s fast paced business world. Your data is perhaps the most valuable asset you have, ensuring that it is well protected is vital, but it is also important that your data is easily accessed when needed, here at Easy IT we design private networking solutions with high performance and ease of use built in.

By creating a secure, efficient system that enables an easy flow of data between users even across multiple locations while remaining secure and stable, we build a platform for success for any organisation. A single, reliable network that supports all the applications and communications you need along with stringent security and service level agreements enables your business to operate with confidence in any market.

Solutions tailored to fit your requirements are always our priority, we understand every organisation is different and take a different approach to much of the industry. Our systems are designed to cater to your situation, bespoke solutions that enhance your operations, not require you to modify them to fit the system capabilities. We create a blend of infrastructure design to ensure that your business runs the way you want it to.

From Private IP networks, remote access and managed Wi-Fi as well as VPN and managed networks we create a solution that works for you. Our team of highly skilled engineers provide the solution you need, ensuring that as you grow, your data network has the capacity to grow with you, giving you a solution now, and a platform for the future.
Our data network systems are backed up by our acclaimed 24.7 support structure that ensures end users remain productive, with fast, responsive assistance available at all times. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can quickly assist users to overcome any challenges maintaining your business continuity at all times.

Private IP Networks – Networking multiple locations to operate more efficiently and consistently can be a challenge, our Private IP Network solutions present a scalable, simple network design that can grow with your business, while consolidating your applications onto a single network infrastructure.
By establishing common protocols across all sites, they can be connected through a core data network, taking advantage of the benefits of IP protocol, scalability and connectivity, by backing it up with the reliability and familiarity of legacy network technologies.
Simpler connectivity and improved scalability are the obvious benefits if an IP network, however, security is also improved significantly with this communication design, with less user downtime, improved productivity and enhanced communication and data flow all coming from the improved infrastructure.
Our highly skilled engineers can design and implement true Private IP Networking for your business organisation quickly, efficiently and with as little disruption as possible. Further, our ongoing maintenance and support ensure that your system works efficiently to support your business growth, providing benefits to workflow across the organisation.
Our systems allow you to run a variety of different data types, while collating your existing infrastructure into a cohesive Private IP Network installation for the whole organisation.

Managed Network Devices – Having managed network devices provides your organisation with a simple management solution that is both cost effective and wide in scope. Our friendly and professional team of highly skilled experts can provide complete end-to-end management of your network infrastructure to provide ongoing reliability, scalability and support for your growth.
Covering all types of network infrastructure devices, including routers, switches, firewalls and other security solutions, our comprehensive, cost efficient solution can be tailored to your requirements, ensuring your network solution meets your needs precisely. At the same time, our wealth of experience with networks allows us to ensure that any implemented system is also readily scalable, so that as you grow, your infrastructure can expand with you with minimal disruption and maintaining continuity of service.
Our systems are convenient and unobtrusive for users, we provide infrastructure that simply works allowing users to get on with their productivity, not working around IT limitations, and with our tailored approach you will always have a system that matches your needs.
Backed up by our acclaimed support, your managed solution will bring stability and security to your operation.

Private IP Internet – When operating across multiple locations and a wide variety of devices, the internet access available to users can vary considerably. However, for those already using a Private IP Network, centralising the route to external connections for all users regardless of location brings several advantages. Firstly, it unifies the browsing experience, by using the one dedicated enterprise grade connection, stable and fast internet access is available to all on the Private IP network. It also ensures that security is also centralised and applied across all devices, reducing risk of compromise, and allows all users to have the same managed access rules applied quickly through that single access point. It reduces maintenance and support by reducing the amount and locations of infrastructural equipment for internet communication as well.
Our Private IP Internet service uses our fully managed carrier grade firewall to inject internet backbone access into the private network, and it is from here that all users on the entire network, no matter the location access the internet. Centralised rules for Firewall and Security are easily and quickly applied, covering all devices and all locations at once. Backed up by our acclaimed support, your private IP internet will be stable, reliable and secure.

Remote Access – The way we work is changing rapidly, and today, working from home or while travelling is a common occurrence. However, as we move to a centralised focus within our networks, for email, data storage and even software access, ensuring that those users working from external locations have the tools they need requires distinct, secure solutions.
Our remote access solution provides users with a secure tunnel for accessing the organisation’s private IP network, creating a virtual private network. This virtual private network gives users a completely secure connection to the private IP network, enabling remote access to all of the network’s resources such as email, storage and hosted applications or similar.
This service is focussed on security and stability, ensuring the network is never compromised while allowing the flexibility and efficiency that comes with allowing users to operate away from usual locations. The system remains simple to use, whether users are at client locations or their homes, requiring a simple internet connection from their device wherever they are. Backed up by our acclaimed support, end users obtain easy to use, secure, stable and reliable remote connection to all the resources of the private network.

VPN Services – Connecting between locations is a necessary part of business operation today. Whether it is workers away from an office, connecting to a remote server for backups, or connection between two locations for an organisation, day to day operations often include the need to pass sensitive data from one user to another using public infrastructure. This obviously presents something of a security risk, and our VPN services are designed to allow reliable intra-location connections while maintaining network integrity and security.
In today’s increasingly insecure online world, enabling highly secure communications can be vital for the safety of both employees and the business, depending on the project they are working on. Using the very latest encryption techniques, our VPN service enables all communications to and from users outside the network to be unreadable if intercepted, retaining your security at all times.
Our VPN service enjoys the benefits of our full 24/7 support system, ensuring an easy to use, effective and stable system that enjoys high levels of system continuity, with any user problems quickly dealt with.

Managed Wi-Fi – With increased use of mobile devices for business activities, having effective, secure Wi-Fi as a component of any integrated network solution is becoming essential. However, for effective business use there are a number of components that needs to be included in any Wi-Fi solution, with security and stability being key considerations.
Managed access is vital for smooth running of the Wi-Fi system, with a centralised active directory, our system ensures that corporate registered devices automatically connect to the system wherever they are.
Additionally, our cloud based management system allows centralised management of the whole system, with both global controls as well as individual access point control, allowing easy management of permissions and guest access policies whenever they are required. Security is central to the system, with full reporting and PCI compliance built into the system.
Central management also supplies full analytics of the entire system allowing data priority for specific applications as well as data management on a per application basis if required.
With fully integrated high level security, easy to manage centralised control and stable, efficient performance, our managed Wi-Fi provides wolrd class connectivity for your organisation.