Having key software hosted and ran centrally on qualified hardware brings many benefits. Central management by the Jaalx IT team provides a more efficient support structure with controlled costs. Hardware costs are also controlled, with a convenient solution allowing an organisation to leverage the power of the hosting across multiple clients while retaining application performance.

Hosted by our specialised data centre or through our hardware installed at your location, a wide range of collaborative and service applications can be implemented, complete with full managed support, to provide the tools your organisation needs quickly and efficiently. With secure access, the always up to date software is accessible by your users ensuring that projects run smoothly and the right tools are always available.

Our expandable cloud servers ensure that you never run out of capacity, backups are always available and the system can grow with your organization. Without the hardware and support requirements in house, software-as-a-service hosting can also be extremely cost efficient. Reliability, scalability and security with a stable cost structure provide the best software-as-a-service for your organization, both now and moving into the future. The agility to adapt to changing requirements without additional capital expenditure on your part ensures this hosting always meets your needs.