private cloud

Our Private Cloud service allows your organization to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing while retaining the security that your business needs. With your own dedicated hardware at our data centre you have the scalability, performance and support that comes from our professional hosting combines with the single-tenant environment that brings the security you need.

A range of options can be chosen, using Microsoft Cloud Platform, VMware vCloud ® or Openstack environments to match the needs of your project. What is common to each option is the agility to cope with demand and grow with your business and our high bandwidth infrastructure should you choose to utilise our dedicated data centre. Alternatively, we can install the hardware at your own location to have an entirely in house system with on network access, removing public connections completely.

Whichever you choose, the result is a scalable, efficient Private Cloud Solution, without the need to provide the skills and manpower needed to maintain it, with our experts taking on the management and maintenance burden for you.