hybrid cloud

Because no business is the same, sometimes standard cloud implementations do not adequately fit into every situation, and as such we have our Hybrid Cloud service. This hybrid system uses a combination of private servers, public servers and dedicated hardware to create the perfect cloud solution to fit your budget.

A good example of this would be for an ecommerce site, using dedicated hardware for the database server and cloud servers to host the site itself, allowing a cost efficient implementation to suit both budget and situation. In this setup, the dedicated database server provides the ultimate security and reliability, while cloud servers provide on demand expansion for the best scaling capability as traffic peaks. This flexible approach allows the complete system to take advantage of the benefits of each type of individual component in this way.

Our service can host both onsite at your location or offsite at our dedicated data centre, adding even more flexibility to your solution, providing the exact service your organisation needs. With the options allowing control of cost, scalability, security and maintenance needs, the Hybrid Cloud offers a genuinely unique solution for each individual situation.