cloud disaster recovery

There are many benefits to cloud storage, but perhaps the most effective use of the technology is as a cost effective storage solution. As a backup system it has everything you may need, offsite, secure and stable as well as the ability to automate those backups, giving complete backup cover for any organization.

By taking these features of cloud storage and adapting them to our disaster recovery service we can provide cost efficient peace of mind for any business. By eliminating the need to purchase hardware and using our data centre for secure, safe offsite storage that provides the ultimate in disaster recovery.

With ongoing replication of servers or data centres, any organization can be sure that whatever happens, data integrity will be maintained and business continuity is always maintained no matter the circumstances.
Our high bandwidth and fast servers ensure speedy response when needed, with our full management expertise behind it to ensure that your disaster recovery solution is always up to date, secure and effective.

Without the need for upfront hardware costs and in-house maintenance, our Cloud Disaster Recovery service provides a cost efficient way to give you complete business continuity and data security for your organisation.