Virtual server solution and consolidation

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Virtualisation not only in clusters and domains, but also in the form of virtual machines utilizing latest technologies. Virtualisation allows multiple virtual systems to run on the same physical infrastructure; otherwise known as “data centre in a box”.
This architecture enables businesses to lower their IT costs through increased utilisation, consistency and responsiveness. We have developed best practices in all of these areas to ensure your Virtualisation product deployments are smooth, uneventful and provide high return on investment.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience in the services associated with virtualisation product range to assist you with the most appropriate implementation in your environment.

Here are some examples of Virtualisation services that we offer

system srchitecture design

In addition, Jaalx can perfect the Virtual project lifecycle.

Overall, our expertise will assist you to take advantage of VMware’s ability to quickly refresh environments and switch server roles to:

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