Solutions Architecture Design

“Design is intelligence made visible.”

Design For Success

As software and systems engineering has matured, it has become accepted that there is a clear need for an “architectural view” of your Information Systems Infrastructure. This has grown as a result of increasing complexity of systems and their interactions within and between businesses.
Furthermore, continued pressure to reduce IT costs and deliver real and quantifiable business benefits from solutions necessitate a clear understanding of how systems support and enable the business.

Understanding these objectives drives our success and, as a result, our clients look to us to provide their solutions design.

Our main proposition to you is to increase your project success through smarter design, due diligence, and risk mitigation.

We review your compliance and ensure it adheres to the relevant guidelines and standards. Our experienced personnel will consider all aspects of the life cycle, design, build, code implementation, migration and operation to ensure that you achieve your desired results with confidence and peace of mind.

As we are vendor agnostic we will provide you with independent feedback and also ensure that all vendors adhere to our rigorous design principles and standards.

Our proven methodology will help you reach your objectives on time and on budget

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Jaalx offers the following services in solution architecture design:

Jaalx as a company has vast experience in IT, which covers the breadth of system administration, production support, development experience, security, network etc. Hence, Jaalx is able to consider all areas of the solution creation and reduce the likelihood of uncertainties later in the development / deployment life cycle, thereby resulting in a lower risk project.

During the creation of the design, Jaalx works with the business and your architects and security experts (if applicable) to gather all the relevant documents and requirements for review and consideration. Jaalx ensures that the end solution is in compliance with your policies, existing infrastructure and best practices. In addition Jaalx will document any departure from policy.

As development and deployment of the solution progresses, there may be a need to vary the solution to meet changing business requirements. Jaalx can assist with the maintenance of the solution by reviewing the changes and modifying the architecture design and associated documentation as required.

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Design Due Diligence

Jaalx can review your solution design from all aspects e.g. security, operational, architectural, by utilising our internal expertise and experiences as a baseline. This review documents the perceived risks and concerns affecting the project / design. Recommendations are made where major concerns are found.

Design Cost Compilation

In addition to the solution design, Jaalx can compile the associated cost, to assist you with your budget requirements. The cost compilation will include items such as software licensing, hardware and technical resource effort estimation (i.e. how many days to install, to configure, for the equipment to be delivered once ordered, etc). Jaalx does not cover the cost of any business process re-engineering.

Technical Risk and Analysis

Jaalx can review your solution design from many aspects: security; operational; roles and responsibilities; technical; and compliance. This review will document the perceived project associated risks and recommended additional analysis to you. Based on the documentation, Jaalx will propose mitigants to minimise the risks, which are scaled upon impact and assist the development of an action plan to manage or remove the risk. To carry out this work, Jaalx has a proven eight-step risk assessment methodology as illustrated.

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