Infrastructure, Network and Security

“Security is no replacement for liberty.”

What we do

Our infrastructure, network and security services align your systems with business goals and policies so you can leverage opportunities, count on consistent, predictable performance and stay on top of change in a competitive world. These services range from systems administration, high availability design, consolidating systems to capacity planning.

Our experienced team will identify any unforeseen costs using our best practice methods and proven systems thereby minimising your risk. We work with you, not against you to provide a smooth detailed handover ensuring the project’s success.

Jaalx provides services in planning, implementing and managing consolidation of an organisation’s servers, applications and data.

Need more informations?

Jaalx classifies the Consolidation Services into 4 stages

Feasibility Study

Our purpose is to assist in the business justification case for consolidation, identify the overall scope of the project and highlight any issues involved. This assists management in making well-informed decisions regarding the applicability of the project.


Using industry standard capacity planning tools or system specific sizing tools and utilities, we define the existing infrastructure and then architect the new environment. We ensure that the new environment is able to accommodate legacy systems and applications with the capacity to grow and house future systems.


We perform consolidation validation by conducting application workload modeling and predictive analysis. The analysis results in a consolidation report with documented recommendations and provides feedback for improvements to the architecture.


Jaalx recommends, especially for large environments, to first build a small pilot project as proof-of-concept. This allows the Server Consolidation team to test the deployment procedures and tools and ensure familiarity with the new environment.

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