Would you like a disaster recovery solution that provides great returns on investment?

One that leverages market leading technologies?

Have your service up and running in less time?

The Jaalx Disaster Recovery Solution is the answer. Get more bang from your buck!

With extensive experience in disaster recovery (DR) design for financial institutions and large corporations worldwide, Jaalx has leveraged its partnerships to develop your business a DR solution that is perfectly geared for your business.

The Jaalx Disaster Recovery Solutions focuses on recovery at the DR site to either physical or virtual server infrastructure. This solutions provides the flexibility to mix your platforms based upon your business risk profile, whilst maximising your ROI through the use of server virtualisation technologies. Regardless of whether the DR site is physical or virtual, the solution is server hardware platform independent.

Jaalx design, deployment, handover, training and the necessary software licenses are included within any solution. Success of the solution is not achieved until a DR exercise is completed for at least 2 servers.

There are several options that can be chosen:

  • Image creation with production server outage
  • Recovery window at DR
  • Maximum tolerable data loss window for DR
  • Jaalx to supply servers for DR OR You supply the servers to Jaalx specifications
  • Jaalx supplies data centre space OR you provide the data centre space for DR
  • Jaalx to operate and maintain the DR solution for you

Other solutions to consider:

  • Business continuity planning and design
  • DR recovery plan and management
  • Client access redirection method
  • Network infrastructure for the DR site
  • OS and application licensing for the DR environment

Do you need an alternate data centre as part of your DR solution?

If you need business continuity for your front office or data centre space for your back office, we can help build the right solution tailored for your business, we are eager to assist in the delivery of the solution to you