Deployment Management

We help you manage the risk of deploying your systems. so you can deliver On Time and On Budget.

Jaalx deployment management services

As well as architecting the appropriate solution for your environment, we can assist you with the deployment management of the solution. Our main value is to isolate project and technical issues early, and to follow up with impact analysis and mitigation options. We review your deployment plan and strategy to ensure that all aspects of the infrastructure have been considered to make sure that you achieve your desired results with confidence and peace of mind.

As we are vendor agnostic we will provide you with independent feedback and also ensure that all vendors adhere to our rigorous design and deployment principles and standards. With our expert personnel who have extensive architecture and deployment experience in mission critical projects, you can be guaranteed that your project will achieve your objectives.

Jaalx offers the following services in this area

Cost and duration analysis

Project plan creation

Project plan due diligence

Project management

With experience in deployment of solutions for financial and telecommunication industries worldwide, Jaalx can provide detailed costs and duration analysis associated with deploying the solution as designed. You can use this analysis during the business case establishment phase for review (assurance) or construction of the deployment cost.
The cost compilation includes items such as software licensing, hardware and technical resource effort estimation (i.e. how many days to install, to configure, for the equipment to be delivered once ordered, etc).

Need zero downtime deployment?

Project Plan Creation

Drawing from our extensive experience in deploying large and small-scale projects, Jaalx can create a deployment plan most appropriate to your project. When creating a project plan we draw on our Best Practices templates for many of our typical deployments. These templates are the result of a combination of previous deployments, internal processes and skill-sets to ensure that the developed project plan is professional, exhaustive and low risk to deploy.

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Project Plan Due Diligence

Jaalx can review your solutions deployment project plan and, by comparing it with our proven templates, we can highlight any concerns or vulnerabilities that may affect the success of the project. These will be documented and reviewed with you. The end result is an external certification on the current plan and early isolation of problems, thereby minimising risks and delays of deployment.
According to a Standish Group study of IT projects in Fortune 500 companies, out of every 100 projects initiated, more than 90 require restarts. The average project is completed at nearly double the original cost, and it typically takes more than twice as long to complete as planned. These are grim statistics. Jaalx has the project management experience and proven methodologies to ensure successful deployment of solutions.

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