Our database services provide for secure, optimal management and increased database productivity. We have a proven track record with database management systems in multiple environments including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MYSQL, PostgreSQL and Amazon’s SimpleDB.

Our Database Services include :

  • DBA / mentoring / training
  • Performance tuning and analysis
  • Backfill / on-demand resources
  • Remote database administration and support service
  • Database system audits
  • Initial setup services
  • Capacity planning
  • Disaster recovery
  • Information architecture
  • Data analysis and design
  • Design reviews
  • New database implementations or upgrades
  • Database development
  • Administration scripts
  • Replication design and implementation
  • Standby database implementation
  • High availability design, implementation and testing
  • Database conversions
  • Our Value Proposition to you

We understand that your database is one of the most critical components in your business and information system infrastructure.

Our experienced team of professionals will setup, audit and maintain your database to best practice standards. We can also tailor our mentoring services to meet your specific needs for example supplying casual DBA resources; training and mentoring you internal IT administration staff; full implementation.

Our proven experience guarantees you on going success and peace of mind.

There are 3 primary components of the Jaalx database server management service: the database setup; database audit; recurring and on demand database services. Any or all of these components can be undertaken by Jaalx professional services based upon your unique system and business needs.

Database Setup

The setup will be tailored to your specific system and business needs. The normal setup will include such as:

Database Audit

This service gathers the necessary information to optimise your system’s operation and determine the procedures to maintain it at that peak level. A detailed inventory of the SQL Server system and all databases is taken.

The audit provides a baseline report of how your SQL system looks now, and will recommend any modifications that might be beneficial to your system’s architecture, performance, security or any setup work that goes beyond what is normally provided. The audit also allows Jaalx to inform you of any bugs or security patches that are applicable to your operating system and databases as they are released.

Finally, the audit provides the means for Jaalx to recommend specific services (consistent with Jaalx Best Practices) to optimise the management and performance of your database server.

Recurring and On Demand Database Services

The recurring and on-demand database services can be tailored to suit your needs.