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“We work with you, not against you to provide a smooth detailed handover ensuring the project’s success.”

Build or manage data centre?

Building, upgrading or migrating a data centre requires many layers of planning. It requires interacting with all the external points of contact and then to deal with any resulting problems.

The reality is that planning to build and move a data centre is a very complex project with many potential points of failure. Input is required for many disciplines including building construction, power, networking, redundancy, cooling, service requirements, security, servers, storage, applications, and on and on.
Our experienced team will identify any unforeseen costs using our best practice methods and proven systems thereby minimising your risk.

Our professional services have the skill set and the deep experience that can make your data centre build or move a low risk project, optimise your new data centre design and save you money. Our consulting services cover the entire gamut of data centre requirement analysis and design and address the complete life cycle of a solution, from requirements analysis, data centre audit / documentation through solution development, installation, rollout, acceptance testing, end user training and vendor management.

Data Centre Services

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Why jaalx?

Jaalx Consulting is an Australian-based management consulting and technology services company that works with clients to deliver business outcomes, identify new markets and increase efficiency. We deliver ongoing innovation for clients by building first-class skills and capabilities, create, acquire and manage key assets essential to the development of integrated services and solutions for our clients.

Combining experience with enthusiasm, our team possesses the knowledge and expertise in a variety of service areas ranging from strategic development, market introductions, information technology and business operations management to reduce complexity and improve your return on investment.

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