“We design and deploy proven high performance and high availability solutions to meet your objectives.”

Who is jaalx

Jaalx is a consulting organisation with clients in Australia, Asia, Middle East and the United States. Jaalx is most often engaged on a project basis and we strive to achieve your success by

Detailed knowledge transfer

A strong team working relationship

Deep Analysis

Comprehensive handover documentation

We review your compliance and ensure it adheres to the relevant guidelines and standards and our experienced personnel will consider all aspects of the life cycle, design, build, code implementation, migration and operation to be sure that you achieve your desired results with confidence and peace of mind.

As we are vendor agnostic we will provide you with independent feedback and also ensure that all vendors adhere to our rigorous design and deployment principles and standards.

By using our proven internal systems and expert personnel who have extensive architecture and deployment experience in mission critical projects you can be guaranteed that your project will achieve your objectives.

Our Specialist Consulting areas cover

Get stressed with unmanaged project?

Why jaalx?

Jaalx Consulting is an Australian-based management consulting and technology services company that works with clients to deliver business outcomes, identify new markets and increase efficiency. We deliver ongoing innovation for clients by building first-class skills and capabilities, create, acquire and manage key assets essential to the development of integrated services and solutions for our clients.

Combining experience with enthusiasm, our team possesses the knowledge and expertise in a variety of service areas ranging from strategic development, market introductions, information technology and business operations management to reduce complexity and improve your return on investment.

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