A forward thinking strategy is needed to ensure your business and product continues to develop and grow in new and existing markets. Here at Jaalx we achieve this by combining the aptitudes of technology and business management. To turn your business opportunities into a reality in the 21st Century, businesses are required to embrace technology-specific strategies in their business plans. Whether it’s a specific business or digital strategy, Jaalx is here to design and transform businesses into sustainable high performers.

Business Strategy

Jaalx assists our clients to develop specific strategies to achieve full economic potential. We do this by building a strategic foundation, analyse where to make investment choices and how to build a competitive advantage. We are able to help businesses develop a working culture to achieve high performance. Our interactive partnership with clients involves assisting them to develop processes and structures to support critical initiatives that will deliver a superior performance.

Digital Strategy

Jaalx recognises digital technology is a key difference maker in today’s business world. Our technological expertise and services range from digital strategy development to network integration. We believe possessing the right programming and technological equipment can streamline processes and resource use, branding growth, improve profitability by maximising savings and connecting better with your consumers.


Business Strategy
Finance and Enterprise Performance
Global Delivery
International Development
IT Strategy and Architecture Alignment
IT Strategy and Transformation
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances / Divestment
Organization Change
Risk Management
Sales and Customer Services–CRM
Smart Grid
Talent and Organisation
Strategic Architecture and Roadmap Delivery
Strategic Growth Markets
Strategic issues – Distribution, Platforms and Customer insights
Target surplus
Financial models
Unit pricing
Global Transfer Pricing Services
Transfer Pricing and Operating Model Effectiveness
Transaction Advisory Services & Restructuring