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National Broadband Network is being rolled out and is about to be available to the customer’s area and into their premises




  • I want/need my systems and IT services to operate as usual 
  • I don’t want to see interruption to my services as the result of transition from copper to National Broadband Network 
  • I want to understand what services will or will no work with National Broadband Network 


  • Our National Broadband Network consultancy bring domain expertise in identifying all the impacted services and ensure there is a migration plan in place to ensure a smooth transition from existing services to National Broadband Network


  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plan for IT services 
  • Cost saving measures through identifying both the impacted and impacted IT services 


  • I need to understand what is the impact on my business operations day to day 
  • I want to ensure my operation is not impacted and continue to the same level of services (If not better)  
  • Our National Broadband Network consultancy practice will work with the business and their IT operation’s team to ensure they understand the pros and cons of access to National Broadband Network
  • Save time to market 
  • Ensure business continuity 
  • Reduce cost of transition through value chain 

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