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Jaalx exist to build on the present and develop the future.


We are a company that is recognised for its quality of service, integrity and the value our solutions bring to our clients. This is achieved through the strength of our team, helping each member of the team to exceed their own goals, surprise themselves and be the best they can be.
We are a company focused on giving each employee the chance to improve as part of a team that will bring the very best out of them. Our approach provides a fun but challenging work environment that allows each team member to grow, contribute and learn new skills as they progress.
As an employer we offer a wide range of benefits for all employees, our culture emphasises contribution to the team goals, and our team become empowered, unique, considerate, supportive, trusting and accepting.
In return for those skills and experience, we offer a clear path to management, flexible working options including start times and working from home, our excellent and welcoming work environment and our policy of open communication, which engenders a community approach that makes for a more pleasant workspace for all.
We are fully committed to investing in our team, and encourage employees to develop their skills and abilities, in the ever evolving world of IT this is of course especially true, and we highly value the knowledge that comes from today’s cutting edge. To this end, we give time allowance for external education as well as internal coaching and mentoring and the ability to complete industry certifications to enhance your career.
We offer highly competitive salaries and other remuneration options that reflect both experience and input of employees, our success is your success.

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