security consulting

Our class leading Security Consulting Service is designed to help you protect your business from disruption of service, security breaches, data loss as well as damage to your business credibility and negative brand image due to loss of service or other attacks.

With world class expertise bringing you security knowledge, our acclaimed support and experience in the industry, we can quickly and efficiently prepare a security program to suit not just your needs now, but into the future as well. Our experts reduce the time and cost it takes to achieve your desired security goals while also ensuring risk is managed as quickly as possible.

Our consultants are all experts with years of experience in IT security, have wide technical backgrounds in all aspects of the industry and are fully committed to providing the highest quality of service that you should rightly expect. With real world experience and the skills to adapt solutions to your needs, our security consultancy service focuses on three significant aspects of your security system.

Penetration Testing – Our proactive testing forms part of your fully authorised evaluation of your security solution. By allowing us to safely attempt to take advantage of system vulnerabilities and exploit weaknesses in current security solutions, whether they be through the operating system, application flaws or hardware configuration errors and even through end user behaviour not in line with best practice.

This approach allows us to ascertain new weaknesses, assess the strength of protection and identify any additional measures that could need to be implemented. By using a multi-phase approach, we can ascertain if an opened vulnerability can be used to launch further, more intrusive exploits and compromise the system even more, and then use that to seek further vulnerabilities and so on. This approach can show just how far vulnerabilities can compromise the system, and where steps are needed to protect vital systems.

With these tests carried out, our testers produce full reports on the system, security strength and feasibility of compromise, allowing you, with our help, to create a security strategy that combats any weaknesses discovered during testing, this can include software adjustments, hardware configurations and recommendations for end user behaviour to minimise or eliminate risk.

PCI Assessment – For all businesses that store, process or transmit cardholder data, compliance with PCI DSS is a compulsory part of doing business. Our consultancy offers comprehensive PCA assessment and audit services available for your needs.

Our on-site assessment is done right, first time, every time, because we understand the importance of deadlines, for us and for you. Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and able to assist you every step of the way.

As a partner in compliance for your business, we pride ourselves in the level of service we offer that sees our clients return for assessments year after year, our team is dedicated to making the process quick, as unobtrusive as possible and accurate, every time. Where some assessors may impede the process, our team works with you to create your complete audit in as timely a manner as possible.

Our assessors can help you establish more efficient arrangement of your data environment through analysis of the data paths and workflows that are specific to your organisation, helping you improve your system where possible. Our whole system is built to be predictable, with time, cost and input all set out clearly before the assessment starts, you will never be subject to pricing surprises throughout the process.

Vulnerability Assessment – Perhaps the most vital stage in the understanding of the risks that your organisation is open to, the vulnerability assessment is a process that seeks to define and identify security weaknesses in a system. This can be through software, hardware or system architecture or use, and the assessment can be used to forecast the effectiveness of any proposed new or additional security solutions before implementation, and actual performance after implementation.

Our friendly and highly skilled assessors use several steps during an assessment to ensure accurate, fast results with the minimum of intrusion into your organisation’s operation. The first step is to define and classify the network resources available, which are then assigned a level of importance. Each resource is then examined and potential threats to each identified, to give an overall level of threat and an evaluation of the most serious threats.
Taking the threats from the most serious first, a strategy for dealing with each is developed, assessing the consequences of a successful attack on that vulnerability and methods to both remove the threat and mitigate the consequences of a breach at that point.

Our team then produce a comprehensive report outlining the risks that are faced and potential solutions to those problems.