In the modern business world, data is priceless, the value of your business is likely tied up in the data you have stored. Many companies take rudimentary steps to facilitate data backups, but despite the vital nature of the data, have no comprehensive plan for data integrity long term.

This is not a good position to be in, however for many who lack the in-house expertise to design that comprehensive backup system, it can seem an incredibly expensive, overly complicated project to take on. Our Easy Backup service aims to rectify this, providing you with the expertise and skillset required to ensure that a secure, reliable backup to provide full data integrity is available to all, without the large upfront costs.

Avoiding the vulnerability that data loss presents is essential, our service includes several options to provide a comprehensive and reliable service for your organisation. Our system includes a wide range of options to provide a true holistic backup service that provides complete peace of mind for your operation.

  • Backup Monitoring
  • Offsite backup
  • Secondary Server Backup
  • Hot Standby backup hardware
  • Backup Email Service

This holistic approach provides monitored backup to ensure accurate, stable and complete backups of all necessary systems and data, with offsite hosting for backups to secure against both data loss and locality based issues. Our additional ability to employ backup hardware available on hot standby to replace hardware issues quickly and retain system integrity at all times can prove invaluable, especially for time sensitive operations such as ecommerce web hosting and similar.