The Customer

At Jaalx, we work with a wide range of customer types across every major industry in the world today. Those industries include everything from natural resources like energy and water to insurance, finance, retail, and government services. That kind of diverse and expansive market obviously requires the services of a company with the experience and expertise needed to accommodate a wide range of diverse and expansive needs. Jaalx has that experience and expertise!nnEven more important than our core competencies, however, is the unique approach we take toward every customer need. Providing the best service solutions requires understanding the real challenges faced by each customer. Our first goal when designing any solution is to work to understand the customeru2019s business enterprise.nnThat understanding enables our experts to work with each customer to design the ideal solution for his or her organisation. These solutions are not the one-size-fits-all packages that some companies offer. Instead, they are specifically designed to focus on and meet the unique needs of each individual client.nnPart of that process also involves performing a deeper analysis of every clientu2019s business, to find areas where improvements can be made. We know that technological solutions can only provide maximum effectiveness in an environment where everything is operating as close to peak performance as possible.nnIn the end, our goal always remains the same for clients both large and small: to provide the maximum benefits to every customer in the most cost-efficient manner possible. We never forget who we work for, and strive every day to ensure that each clientu2019s core challenges are met with the proper technological response.nnMore importantly, we know that our solutions are never complete unless they truly meet the customeru2019s needs, and that those needs can and will change over time. Our customer-focused approach is designed to build the type of relationships our customers need to ensure that their IT and Business Solutions keep pace with their evolving needs.
Jaalx focuses on delivering the type of innovative solutions that can ensure that your company is poised to meet any new challenge. We know that every technological solution requires an alignment of the latest technological initiative and your own business objectives. We work with you to find the best synthesis of the two.nWe utilize the industryu2019s best practices to develop superior solutions for your critical IT architecture, while working to provide you with the flexibility youu2019ll need to keep pace with new improvements as they develop and mature. Technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds each year, and we know how important it is that our clients have adaptable systems that can meet new challenges as they appear.nnAs a result of that forward-thinking model, our teams endeavor to incorporate both the latest cutting-edge technologies and emerging future technology to provide you with the most innovative solutions available in the marketplace today. We know that no two businesses are exactly alike, and your own companyu2019s unique culture and competencies demands an equally unique and competent solution to the IT challenges that confront it.nnThis innovation can provide you with the improved efficiencies you need, while securing access to the automation you deserve. Whether you need new applications to meet emerging market needs, or cost-saving and increased management capabilities, we have the solutions that youu2019ve been looking for.nnIf youu2019re looking for something other than the old standby solutions youu2019ve relied on for years, youu2019ve come to the right place. At East Technology, our teams are expected to think outside the box, and exercise that creative approach to problem-solving to find new and unique ways to help you meet your IT needs. Let us channel our many years of experience and expertise into the comprehensive IT solution your business needs to succeed in the age of information.
The design of your IT architecture is critical if it is to be successful in meeting both your immediate and long-term technological needs. That is why we focus so much attention on the front-end of the solutions process. Put simply, if the design is not just right, the end product will be a solution that resolves none of your actual challenges.nSince design is such a critical part of developing and implementing an effective IT architecture, the planning stage deserves the utmost attention to detail. That requires an understanding of the scope of the project, as well as the end goals that you are trying to achieve. We have a unique methodology that helps to ensure that our design process is aligned with your vision and business needs.nnOur team has the experience that is needed to work with you to accomplish your vision. We understand that the most important aspect of our work begins before we even think about the design process; first, we have t understand your business. We work to immerse ourselves in your companyu2019s corporate culture to better understand how and why your enterprise does what it does.nnThat understanding enables us to adopt your perspective, which ensures that the solutions we develop will ultimately accommodate and integrate with your existing business model. While we take ownership of the IT questions your company faces, we also strive to develop answers that work with- rather than against u2013 your current business strategy.nnWith that understanding and vision, we can create the detailed architecture you need to position your company for success well into the future. The right planning makes all the difference when it comes to design, and with Jaalx you can rest assured that the solution you get is one that can serve you well for years to come.
We know that it can be difficult to work with outside design teams u2013 especially when highly complex technology issues are in play. Often times, the management of any company can have concerns about the integrity of their existing systems, company policies, and even the corporate environment. That concern is only natural, since some IT solutions can be overbearing in that way.nJaalx recognises how important those concerns are, and works to ensure that all that makes your company what it is today receives the respect and security it needs. Your IT solution shouldnu2019t ever be at odds with your corporate identity u2013 and it shouldnu2019t be designed in such a way that it attempts to fundamentally alter the way in which you do business.nnInstead, it should integrate seamlessly with your existing business systems. It should serve as a tool to assist you in the implementation of your current policies. And it should meld u2013 not compete u2013 with your current business climate. When it is done right, IT architecture should serve as a technological bridge between the automation and data-based problems your company deals with every day and the cutting-edge solutions you need.nnWe never want to try to change your companyu2019s identity. Instead, our solutions should always seek only to transform your existing IT structure into the type of tool you need to allow you to focus on the areas of your business that make it what it is. This merger of technology and company should be an engine to enhance your existing competitive advantages u2013 not detract from them.nnWhen that transformation and merger of IT and your existing business structure is done correctly, all that you or your customers will really see is your company, its customers, and your core competencies. The technology should serve you without altering the fundamental nature of your enterprise or the work you do.
One of the biggest fears the management of any company can experience during complex IT architectural changes involves change itself. We utilize the industry best practices to ensure that change control, change management, and training are all handled in a way that can minimize these very natural and legitimate concerns.nWhen it comes to change control, many companies can be hesitant about the processes used by outside vendors. For that matter, there can even be internal divisions between management and an in-house IT department over how change is controlled, who makes the decisions, how those decisions are analyzed, and at what level final approval takes place.nnWe avoid that tension by ensuring that change control is maintained in such a way that no changes that might interfere with your operational infrastructure are ever made without authorization. By using the best practices for change control, we are able to avoid unauthorized alterations to infrastructure that affect operations.nnAs a result of that focus on change management, we use approval processes that are designed to minimize operational impact on your business. It is critical that the resources you need to maintain operational efficiency during any design implementation are maintained, and we strive to do just that.nnMoreover, our best practices work to record all changes that we make in your IT architecture, minimize the risk to your business, and ensure that those changes support the goals and needs of your company. We also work diligently to provide the strongest assurances that every change will be successful on the first attempt.nnIn addition, weu2019ll work to train your in-house IT professionals to ensure that they are familiar with the new systems. That is an essential component of any successful implementation of new IT systems, and can help you to avoid serious complications in that area.
As part of the process of helping you develop and implement the IT architecture you need, our team works to provide you with unique business insights based on a combination of factors. We evaluate your business, work to understand your companyu2019s user insights, and then utilize that information as we work with you to create the solutions you need.nBecause technology is our business, we have a unique perspective on how emerging technological solutions can work to create new business activities for companies like yours. As we work to understand your business, we apply that understanding to what we know about the current and emerging trends in data, consumer dynamics, and the overall business environment.nnHow your company views and uses technology is always of primary interest to us, since user insights can inform technological architecture. The best technologies are, after all, ones that people actually use and realize value from. By seeking to understand how your users navigate their existing technological systems, we can gain critical insight into the type of architecture you need to realize maximum benefit from any solution.nnAt the same time, we perform an in-depth analysis of all of your existing technological architecture, with an eye toward performance. This is a critical step in our process, as it provides us with important clues about where the current system is failing to meet existing needs. At the same time, it assists us in determining how your business is likely to change in the immediate future, so that we can do everything possible to ensure that your new solution can grow with you.nnFinally, we work with you to help you understand the return on investment your new solution provides. For many technology companies, client ROI is often an afterthought. For us, it is a primary concern. Complete buy-in for any new process or system is never realized when the people involved fail to see value in the changes. We want you to understand those benefits at every stage of the design and implementation process.

Our Business

Because Jaalx is really a group of businesses providing a wide and diverse range of technological solutions for our business clients, we have the ability to provide 360 degrees of solutions for your business needs. For some clients, that 360 degree concept can be somewhat nebulous, but all it really means is that our network of technology organizations is perfectly poised to provide you with the full range of cutting-edge technological solutions youu2019ll need today, tomorrow, and well into the future.nFor example, our group is positioned to provide you with the latest information systems demanded by todayu2019s global business challenges. And those challenges are not diminishing in size or scope as time goes by. If anything, they are expanding, and companies that fail to keep pace with this market evolution will be hard-pressed to survive u2013 much less thrive.nnAt the same time, we have connections and partnerships with software and hardware technology leaders. Those partnerships enable us to design the solutions you need, and ensure that the architecture you get represents the smart solution your business deserves.nnWe provide a variety of website solutions, as well as hosting and communications technology as well. We can secure just the right website design for your business, ensure that it is optimized at every level, and help you with the management and maintenance aspects of the site too.nnOn the communications front, we can provide your company with the telephone and internet service you need, as well as the hardware systems you need to maximize the benefits those technologies provide. Why rely on traditional phone and internet services when your entire communications network can be managed in one place?nnIn short, our network can provide the bridge your company needs to integrate your IT architecture, software needs, and website and communication strategies. Let Jaalx be your one-stop home for a full range of technological solutions!